Our Story

Mid 2017, Chetan and Pronoy who were working at Cisco Systems and Alcatel Lucent were helping build a Precision Agriculture system, at a village near Bangalore. While building the system was a solved problem, the system itself was quite complex and getting precision data was unreliable. They realized most of the struggle was in debugging due to geographically in-accessible location and non-availability of technically competent staff on-site.

The team built a Software Edge Controller that could operate, manage, control and orchestrate any solution in geographically distributed edge networks, with central control from the cloud.


Our Company

“AiKaan brings better visibility and control to your IoT Edge Infrastructure”.

Founded By Industry Veterans With Deep Domain Expertise In Systems And Networks Infrastructure For Edge & Fog Computing.

AiKaan provides the industry’s first Edge & Fog infrastructure provision and control solution specially designed for IoT deployments. The AiKaan controller The AiKaan controller’s (AiCon) capability to orchestrate application at scale, single-click provisioning and config management makes IoT deployments faster and brings agility in the operation of Edge and Fog networks. The controller’s machine-assisted troubleshooting and debugging capabilities help the staff identify the infrastructure’s problems and fix them.

What Drives Us

At AiKaan, we strongly believe in the power of conversation and wish to bring the same ease while controlling and managing complex edge & fog infrastructure. Questions like “why I am not receiving data from the edge”, “show me the overall health of the system”, and many more should be completely conversational. The system should crunch the data and come up with appropriate results.

We are laser-focused on achieving this vision and reducing friction towards IoT adoption.