AiKaan Solution Webinars

Transfer data files to IoT edge devices (OTA)

We all have encountered the need to transfer files or update DBs on the remote IoT devices. As an example, on Digital billboard, you might have to update the ad to be played on the screen or as simple as updating the certificate files on these remotely deployed devices. How can we do this? Watch

Monitoring Network Neighbours In IOT Edge Deployment

Typically an IoT edge deployments will have many devices and peripherals connected to devices. Monitoring and connecting to these peripherals is very essential in remote management of IoT Edge deployments. How can we do this? Watch this video

Monitoring system logs on IoT edge devices

Logs, plays a very important role while debugging failures could be related to systems, networks or applications like smart e-vehicles, surveillance cameras, Industrial gateways, smart vending machines or similar. This video shows how

how to onboard IoT edge devices onto the AiKaan controller.

A short video on how to onboard edge computing and IoT devices onto the AiKaan controller.

Monitoring Device & Network Uptime of IoT Edge devices

Issues such as unstable network, frequent system reboots and system failure would have been faced by each one of us during any IoT edge deployments of smart vending machines, smart e-vehicles, Interactive kiosks, gateways, robotics and many more. Let’s see how we can very closely monitor Device and network uptime and dig deep into failures

Docker Applications on IoT Edge Devices

  Docker containers can be very helpful for deploying applications on remote IoT Edge computing devices such as Industrial gateways, Local Processing Units, smart vehicles, robotic arms, and many more. AiKaan facilitates docker deployment to hundreds and thousands of remotely deployed devices seamless and transparent. Let’s see how this can be achieved.  

Remote access android screens

How to securely and reliably access android screens and control the android device screen, applications, settings and install applications. Take a look at this short video.

How to access terminal of remote linux device?

Introduction If you are looking to remotely connect/access the shell or terminal of your deployed IoT Edge devices based on Linux such as raspberry pis, IoT gateways or any other edge device? This video will help you to have access with just one click. Just sign-up here for free and start onboarding the devices.