AiAgent on Dell Gateway

Why this article?
This article explains, a simple two step process to install AiAgent software on Dell IOT Gateway.

AiAgent is a light weight agent which collects operational telemetry from IOT gateways, compute servers, communication devices and storage equipments. Operational telemetry provide deep visibility into the system operational conditions. This can provide actionable insights for the optimal operation of the devices and systems. IOT deployments and digital transformation solutions must operate optimally and with maximum uptime. AiKaan’s Edge Controller along with AiAgent helps IT and OT engineers to operate, manage, control and debug IOT deployments in complex edge fog networks.

Step 1: Install and run classic snap
Dell IOT gateway operate Ubuntu Core 16 (as of writing this article). In order to install and run applications that are not spanned yet, snap core provide classic snap, install it .

Step 2: Get AiAgent and install
To install AiAgent, follow the single step process of running the curl command on the Dell IOT gateway (operating in classic confinement, after step 1). Login into the AiKaan Edge controller, navigate to device group page of Dell IOT gateway. Download (copy) the curl command and run on the device.

At the classic prompt above, run following two commands

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