AiAgent on Multitech MultiConnect Conduit

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Hi, we are back after a short silence. So, what were we doing, we were helping our customers to solve visibility and performance management of application and infrastructure in edge computing. Try our latest AiCon controller version 2.0 here

This article explains, a simple one-step process to install AiAgent software on MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit

AiAgent is a lightweight agent which collects operational telemetry from IOT gateways, compute servers, communication devices, and storage equipment. Operational telemetry provides deep visibility into the system operational conditions. This can provide actionable insights for the optimal operation of the devices and systems. IOT deployments and digital transformation solutions must operate optimally and with maximum uptime. AiKaan’s Edge Controller along with AiAgent helps IT and OT engineers to operate, manage, control and debug IoT application deployments in complex edge networks.

Single Command Installation 

To install AiAgent, follow the single command installation process of firing the curl command on the gateway. Login into the AiKaan Edge controller, navigate to device group page of MultiConnect Conduit IOT gateway. Select “Single command installation – ipkg” option and copy the curl command.


Start the agent

Connect to MultiConnect Conduit over ssh (normal login name is admin and password is admin, please remember to change it). Paste the curl command copied in the previous section. Get back to the controller and see the new device visible in the MultiConnect Conduit device group.



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