Remote IoT Device Connectivity

Remotely Access IoT Devices

Remote IoT Device Connectivity


With the explosion of IoT devices running complex edge computing applications, remote debugging & diagnostics get inevitable. Establishing a secured connection and having remote terminal access (SSH, Telnet or VNC) is a must for deployed IoT Edge devices. Examples of these devices could be Raspberry Pis and flavours, Intel NUC boards, mini-computers, NXP – IMX boards, IoT Gateways or Custom boards running either Linux, Android or Windows.

Few of the Use-cases these devices are used in the field ranges from :

  • Industrial IoT
  • Energy Monitoring & Optimisation
  • Intelligent Mobility
  • Smart Retail
  • Drones
  • Smart Parking
  • Facility Management Systems
  • Smart Home
  • Robotics
  • Interactive Kiosks and digital screens

Alternative to VPN & RDP for IoT devices

Since VPN & RDP doesn’t make much sense in the above-listed use-cases for remote access of the embedded devices. AiKaan provides a solution to securely access the remote deployed IoT infrastructure from anywhere.

Just follow the steps to easily achieve that:

Step 1: Sign-up at AiKaan’s experience portal

Aikaan remote shell access linux 0


Step 2: Follow this video to login and onboard your Linux or Android running devices to the AiKaan platform.


Step 3: Click on the device you wish to connect from the “device list”

AiKaan remote terminal access image 4


Step 4: Simply connect either via browser or your favourite terminal by copying the “ssh” command and replacing your user-name at the end.


Aikaan remote shell access image 5Remote connect through browser or terminal


AiKaan linux shell access image 6

The complete steps to remotely access IoT devices are mentioned in this video as well.

Other functional features which can be performed from your AiKaan portal is to :

  • Execute commands remotely to these devices in Bulk.
  • Upgrade the devices (OTA) and the connected leaf nodes with applications, firmware or configurations.
  • Discover other devices in the same network & remotely access them if allowed with proper credentials.

Sign-up now to manage, monitor, securely remote access & upgrade (OTA) IoT edge devices & applications.Experience AiKaan controller

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