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AiKaan for Android

Super excited to announce AiKaan agent for Android-based devices. Now monitor, manage & securely access an array of remotely deployed android devices and applications.

Although the google ecosystem does a decent job managing google certified android devices & applications, custom-built hardware devices exist. These devices require similar operational support for managing & monitoring the systems and applications.

A simple interactive kiosk has multiple components inbuilt such as a camera, touch screen, connectivity module, processor and card reader. Centrally controlling & orchestrating each of these sub-components from the cloud is what the AiKaan agent & controller does.

Sub-components of Interactive kiosk
Different sub-components of smart and Interactive kiosks


The agent comes as an APK, which can be very easily installed on any rooted android device.


Android running devics
Android-based edge devices


An increasing population of touchscreen android devices is deployed for various use-cases. Smart digital billboards, interactive kiosks installed at restaurants, airports & hospitals, point of sales systems (POS), mPOS, medical equipment are a few examples.

Key Features

Managing a fleet of android devices & applications becomes a mammoth task. Challenges such as automated application upgrades, performing operations such as screen on/off, the camera on/off, accessing ADB shell & device display and taking control are just a few of them.

AiKaan controller solves for:

  • Understand device performance like device uptime, device network reachability, device power cycles, etc.
  • Monitor applications performance, including application uptime, application crashes, application resource usage, etc.
  • Remote Screen Access & Control – Android screen can be mirrored & controlled remotely for debugging or auditing purposes. Watch this video for more details.
  • Application (APK) installations & upgrades – Install Android applications (APK) to a fleet of remotely deployed devices with a single click.
  • Monitoring & Managing fleet of device and peripherals – Monitor & control screen, camera, physical ports for the deployed android devices without any hustle.
  • ADB shell access – Access the ADB shell remotely of any of the rooted android devices for debugging purpose.

Sign-up now for android application orchestration & device management to a fleet of remotely deployed android edge devices.Experience AiKaan controller

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