Avench partners with AiKaan

AiKaan Partners with Avench

Industrial IoT gateways

17th July 2020, Bangalore

Happy to share our partnership with Avench Systems, a leading IoT embedded system design organisation in India. With this partnership, AiKaan is going to offer its IoT Edge monitoring & management solution to Avench’s Customers. Avench offers edge analytics hardware system (MaryIoT) to its customers looking for edge use-cases.

The synergies will help AiKaan to extend its solutions to North America & Canada, where Avench have significant footprints.

About Avench Systems:

Avench Systems Pvt Ltd is an electronic product company specialized in embedded systems. Founded by a group of engineers with more than a decade of semiconductor field experience in July of 2015. Avench systems solutions have become an integral part of the embedded ecosystem for industry leaders in various domains.

About AiKaan Labs:

AiKaan builds application orchestration and device management system for IoT Edge. It is a software solution to monitor, manage, securely access and upgrade IoT Edge devices.

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