smart meter gateway

AiKaan on boards Crystal Power

smart meter gateway

17th July 2020, Bangalore

Excited to start working with Crystal Power, a part of Sinhal Udhyog. Cyrstal Power is leading manufacturers and suppliers of Utility equipment such as smart energy meters, smart IoT gateways and more. Sinhal Udhyog is working with various state governments in India to install smart energy meters across the country.

AiKaan’s platform helps to remotely connect and orchestrate edge gateways for smart meters. It will help in monitoring more than a fleet of 2,00,000 smart energy meters & 500 edge gateways.

About Sinhal Udhyog:

Established in the year 2006, Sinhal Udyog is one of the noted & renowned manufacturers of smart energy meters in India.

About AiKaan Labs:

AiKaan builds application orchestration and device management system for IoT Edge. It is a software solution to monitor, manage, securely access and upgrade IoT Edge devices.

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